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This was an eventful week

Yesterday, our new government was sworn in. I listened to the festivities on the radio. I cannot say that I am very happy with the new government and the way the various ministries have been assigned, but I hope we will have a stable government which will look after its citizens as well as they look after themselves.

On a different plateau in the universe, this was also a meaningful week for myself, because I received a royalties check for my English version of the book. This was a wonderful moment for me, and while I have received some renumeration from the other books, this one was more festive because it means that my family's history is reaching people worldwide and that their story is being told. It also means that I can afford to think of finding a publisher for the English version of my latest book which was published in Hebrew.

And, on another plateau in the universe, this week, in our portion of the week reading of the Torah, we learn that we much be emissaries to the world and work on various levels, one from ourselves inward, to improve ourselves, to help those of our tribe, and to honor and help those who are different from us. We learn that no man is an island, and the world does not exist to serve him, but that he lives to make an impact on the world by doing good deeds.

That will be my task for the coming week: to be kind to those around me, and to be kind to myself. I will start, therefore, by turning off my delicious shabbath soup before the water boils away. That means being good to myself and others! inside- feeding food to those who are hungry- and not burning the pot- being good to my neighbors...

Have a great weekend.


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